Committee Position Details

Executive Positions


  • Organizes and Chairs Meetings

  • Oversees Executives and follows up with required Grants, Insurance and other items

  • Has signing authority with the Bank


  • Chairs meetings if the Chairperson is not available

  • Has signing authority.

  • Is responsible for the following committees:

    • Security & First Aid

    • Food & Beverages

    • Construction & Electrical


  • Creating and maintaining a Budget

  • Maintain an accurate record of finances

  • Provide monthly reports of finances

  • Apply for Gaming applications

  • Completing all Gaming reports required

  • Applying for Grants

  • Is responsible for the following committees:

    • Fundraising

    • Tickets & Registration

    • Prizes


  • Keeping records of meetings and files

  • Provide meeting minutes within one week of each meeting.

  • Correspond with the schools to announce meetings and other important information.

  • Is responsible for the following committees:

    • Publicity & Thank yous

    • Volunteer Coordinator

    • Cleaning/Sanitization


  • Assisting Executive where necessary. (filling in if needed, ex. Taking meeting minutes if the secretary is unable to make it.)

  • Is responsible for the following committees:

    • Activities

    • Decorations

    • Coat Check

Coordinator Positions


  • Organize and oversee activities for Grad Fest with the support of the committee

    • Floor Plan

    • Rentals

    • Timelines

    • Entertainment

Food & Beverages

  • Approach supplies for donations towards the event in the form of; food, beverages, and discounts.

  • Organize what food and beverages will be available.

  • Organized the area for storing and serving.

  • Ensure that there is a Food Safe Certified person onsite at all times when handling food.

  • Organize the Volunteers who sign up to assist in this area.

Construction & Electrical

  • Work with activities and decorations coordinators to build new games or props needed.

  • Ensure that there is the necessary electrical set up for decorations and activity requirements.

  • Assist with setting up and taking down items.

  • Maintain electrical equipment as necessary.

Security & First Aid (may be two people)

  • Ensure that all Public health orders are being followed.

  • Review equipment and request/replace what is needed.

  • Organized Volunteers in locations that and times that are needed for proper coverage of the event(s)

  • Provide security at the entrance to ensure that participants are not bringing in items that are not permitted.

  • Provide security, first aid and safety for any participant who is inebriated and or is causing issues.

  • (Further specifics are outlined in the binder, this is just a brief summary to assist in understanding the position)


  • Follow up with the theme suggested by the Graduates

  • Purchase any items that may be needed to follow up.

  • Organize rental of equipment for decorations.

  • Work with volunteers to set up and take down decorations.

Coat Check

  • Set up a location for Coats and bags to be stored by participants of the event.

  • As they get prizes they may add those to their Coat Check

  • Use a tracking system to ensure the safety of the items and that the right person is getting their stuff.

  • Follow up with the schools and executive on any lost and found items.


  • Update the letter of request to the current year.

  • Approach locations with a letter of request for donations and funding support.

  • Track all locations that have been approached.

  • Organize any follow up that is needed.

Tickets & Registration

  • Design and order event tickets,

  • Set up a registration system (online or in person)

  • Track registrations and ticket purchases

  • Ensure that we have a copy of a signed liability form.

  • Organize the registration area at the event(s) and provided the needed materials to volunteers.

Publicity & Thank yous

  • Maintain social media platforms and follow up with any comments/messages as needed

  • Organize for public advertising. (Radio, News ect.)

  • Follow up on donations received with a thank you card and receipt if necessary.

  • Maintain the website if the committee chooses to do so.

  • Post information and minutes as required.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Attract and track those who wish to volunteer to help with the event(s).

  • Create a schedule of positions that are needed to be filled.

  • Keep in contact with the volunteers to maintain information.

  • Provided a copy of the schedules for each area to the coordinator of that area. (ex. Coat Check volunteers, Who and when, to the coat check coordinator.)

  • Set up a check-in for volunteers, and get a signed liability form from each person.

  • Follow all PHO orders regarding volunteers.


  • Using the budget provided:

    • Purchase as many prizes as possible.

    • Use sales and store events to help as much as possible.

    • Purchase a variety of prizes in size and value.

  • Follow up and track all donations towards prizes that have been received.

  • Find secure storage for purchased/donated prizes until the event.

  • Set up prizes at the event.

  • Organize how the prizes will be handed out. (we have done a few different options over the years.

  • Purchase the items that students receive for attending, Gift Cards, lanyards ect.

  • Track any Cash Draws or prizes that are handed out.

Clean up/sanitation

  • Organize the volunteers.

  • Maintain garbage cans and loose items around the event area.

  • Ensure that all garbage and items are cleared at the end of the event and any necessary cleaning has been performed. (Tables stacked, tape removed, garbage/recycling where required.

  • Organize appropriate sanitation procedures for before, during and after the event.

  • Acquire the necessary items. (through donations or purchase)