Prom Wear

North Peace Regional Grad Fest Committee

“The Goal of the North Peace Regional Grad Fest Society is to Provide a Safe and Inclusive Graduation Celebration for All North Peace Region Graduates of 2022”

Formal Wear for Prom

The NPRGF Committee has gathered a variety of formal wear available for our Grads.

Please contact Mrs. Bennett at should any ladies or gentlemen Grads require formal wear for Prom or a Grand March. Mrs. Bennet will arrange a time to meet with you at Dr. Kearney to see our beautiful collection and help you find something that is right for you!

Formal Wear Available: Prom Dresses (Sizes 0 - 18)

Men’s Suits

Escort Dresses


Costs: To be determined by need, (borrowing or keeping).

Cleaning: All Formal Wear will be cleaned at no cost prior to acquiring.

Formal wear to be cleaned upon return, if borrowing only.

To Donate: Please contact Mrs. Bennett at

All Transactions Completely Confidential